Have you Inherited treasure, that’s not quite your style?

Lisa Marie has handled antique jewellery for a number or years and dealt with many estate collections. Before discussing the re-modeling of any inherited piece, we will give a clear evaluation as to the Antique value or your heirloom.

We take the history of the inherited jewellery and bring the memory into modern, wearable pieces that can be enjoyed for your generation.

Remodeling old jewellery takes skill and an experienced goldsmith. Lisa Marie will be able to sit and discuss how it can be re-imagined for you.

A dedication to complimenting, through exquisite craftsmanship, the natural beauty of sapphires and diamonds.
A 9ct collection of stacking rings that reflect the subtle pastel colours of a summer palette.
From the heart of Oxfordshire. Lisa Marie create singular, wearable works of art that transcend the whims of fashion.