Lisa Marie's collection of Opal

Unique Opal Jewellery Collection

Lisa Marie has been working directly with miners in Australia for 10 years and has built up a reputation for supplying stunning one-off boulder Opals from Queensland and Black Opal from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia.

Lisa Marie always likes to show the back of the stone and where possible the side of the stone as part of the design. Within this page you will find a selection of pre-owned pieces, past commissions and stock items for sale from Lisa Marie’s collection of Opal.

Beautiful boulder opal ring

Beautiful boulder opal simple ring. 9ct Rose gold rub set single stone calibrated.

Opal and Ruby Bracelet

An oval 18ct yellow gold with platinum detail on the back of setting. The main setting is suspended by an articulating top loop set with 5 Brilliant cut Ruby’s. The bracelet pendant has free movement however it is restricted from falling to the back of wrist due to the small 18ct yellow balls which allows the opal to sit comfortably in the centre of the wrist.The natural Opal itself is on excellent example of a whiter base boulder opal. Some amazing flashes of colour, showing a balance of red across the stone, as well as blue and a dash of green. The stone is 22.6mm x 5.6mm and weights in at 3.9ct.  The overall weight of the piece is 8.2gr.

Fire opal is a transparent to translucent opal, with warm body colors of yellow to orange to red.

A Vibrant example of fire opal set into a brilliantly simple four claw 18ct yellow mount.

fire opal

A selection of private commissions

A beautiful example of boulder Opal from Lisa Marie's private collection

Amazing set of stones to a very fortunate client who loves them